It is so crazy. What happened to the days when being a christian meant that one accepted Christ as their savior according to John 3:16 and that they had a relationship with God. Nowadays people like Obama claim to be a Christian yet is doing everything they can to tear down the Christian wall of morality.

Is it because we as Christians have allowed ourselves to become more like the world than Christ. We have become “give me” and “I deserve”, tell me where in the bible does it say we deserve to be rich, healthy and never have a problem.

I myself am guilty. I believed that if I had enough faith I could be wealthy. That my friend is false. I am not healthy because I speak it or have enough faith but by God’s grace and mercy. If I give money to a church then I will get wealthy. Isn’t the point of giving to give to those who can not give back. If we give with the expectation of getting back, that misses the point.

I don’t give to get things back and usually when I give it is a sacrifice. I long to be an example of Christ. I fall short but I still try. I don’t pretend to be good or ignore my sin. I want God to live thru me. We need to get rid of this artificial belief and just follow Christ


Sometimes I feel like I am the only one disgusted with atrocities of our president. It as if he is on a path to totally destroy America. Why isn’t he impeached? There have not been enough complaints to our Senators and those that are “speaking” for us. ¬†Who was the idiot who gave him free reign over the budget until he leaves office? Is everyone comfortable with how he spends our money (Iran). We need to speak up.